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All the Reverse Osmosis systems below are part of a 4 stage water filtration systems.
You won't find cheaper anywhere.

200 Gallons per day reverse osmosis water treatment systems £230

This unit comes with the hard water trolley system

4 Stage water filtration.

  • Sediment and carbon pre filters, then reverse osmosis, and polished off with dionisation
  • Pressure gauge fitted lets you know when the pre filters need changing.
  • Inline TDS meter measures water quality after Revese Osmosis then after Deionization.
  • Yes there is cheaper water treatment systems on the market, but these ones are fitted with pressure gauge, dual total dissolved solids meter, and dionisation catridge already fitted, so nothing extra to buy.

4 stage reverse osmosis water treatment system

Running costs £42.00 per year approx.

300 Gallons per day reverse osmosis water treatment system £280

Same spec as above except it produces 300 gallons of pure water per day instead of 200 gallons

Running costs £49.00 per year approx.

900 Gallons per day Reverse Osmosis system £550

The 4040 XLE reverse osmosis water treatment systems

This heavy duty RO filtration water treatment system is capable of 900 gallons or pure water per day.

Heavy duty Reverse Osmosis and Deionization water filtration system

Prices start at £550.00.

Deionized Water Tank for Soft Water areas

This DI tank is ideal for water purification in soft water areas.

Unlike the 4 stage water treatment systems, the DI will give you pure water on demand, it will give you 100L of pure water in about 2 minutes.

Replacement resin for the Deionization system is £25.00

Deionization water treatment system

Prices start at , £120.00

Revese Osmosis filter prices

Pre filters £13.00

Deionization cartridge replacement resin £5.00

Reverse Osmosis membranes £60.00

RO membranes need changed approximately every 2 1/2 years.

Prices start at , £30.00 each

You may not have seen the exact size of Revese Osmosis or Deionization water treatment system you are looking for, contact me and let me know exactly what you want at the address below:

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