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Friday, June 09, 2006

Backpacks, and reach and wash window cleaning

A few window cleaners lately have asked me if the backpack is up to the job we as a window cleaner has in store for it, my answer is quite simply no.

Remember the pump in the backpack although it is 40psi it is a little toy compared to the pumps in the trolley and van systems. It means the higher you go and the more hose you go through the less water you get at the brush. I personally don't feel that the water comes out the brush fast enough, and I feel that you are hanging around too long for enough water to pass through the brush to get a decent finish on the glass. Lot's of others seem to think they are great though, but I have a feeling that it is because most of them have just changed over from ladders and compared to that it is a godsend. They may have heard how fast reach and wash window cleaning is, and may even have seen a competitor using a system. If they had to clean the windows at the same speed, then the window done with the backpack would not nearly be up to the same standard as a window done with a real system.

How many times have we seen on the forums window cleaners complaining about loosing customers due to the water fed pole? How many of these window cleaners have backpack? My guess is quite a few of them.

Granted the backpack is a cheap way to get into water fed pole window cleaning at around £550 for a complete system, but is it really worth all the time wasted hanging around waiting on enough water to pass over the glass?Only you can decide.

Peter Fogwill