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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New window cleaning trolley system

Since designing my original trolley system a few years back which was the first one on the market to utilise separate water containers, with the benefit of not having to pour water, there has been quite a few imitations. There has been a lot of talk from window cleaners about what is best, van system or trolley system, with each having their advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of the van system is sometimes your too far away from the window to reach it with a hosereel, and the disadvantage of the trolley system is your lifting it in and out the vehicle all the time, and they only carry 50L of water.

Keeping the above in mind I set about designing a new trolley system, one which didn't need lifting in and out the vehicle all the time, and one that carried much more water. One that could be left on the vehicle and used as a van system when needed, and taken off when needed without any lifting.

What this trolley system does is allows the window cleaner to walk up to the vehicle with the trolley, line it up in the centre, and push the handles up towards the vehicle, and that's it attached. You can have the trolley fitted to the vehicle in the time it would take to walk up and open the boot. Taking it off when needed is just as easy, a push up of a pin, and lower the wheels to the ground is all that is needed.

The trolley itself can be used in three different modes, flat truck mode (and carry up to 150L of water) Stand up mode has two different positions, balancing on two wheels, or resting on a third wheel. Each of these modes can carry up to 100L of water. So whether you are cleaning a large office building or a small domestic property this system is all you would need.

The trolley system comes with 6 water containers, a pump box with 100psi pump. a hose reel with 40M of micro-bore hose, and an 85AH battery. It also comes with the necessary fitting to attach to your tow-bar. Also included is a water treatment system of your choice, the Patent Pending Autobrush and pole.

Peter Fogwill


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