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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How much water do I need for a days window cleaning

This question seems to be the most read posting on the water fed pole board on the window cleaning forum. The answer is a hard one, and I usually tell prospective customers who ask, "it depends on how fast a worker you are". A slow worker on a fast water flow will waste quite a bit of water over the day, whereas a fast worker on a slow water flow will waste a lot of time in the day, as he will be waiting around for the window to have enough water passed over it to wash the window properly.

It also depends on what type of windows you will be cleaning, domestic or commercial. Domestic uses less water as the pole is being heightened and lowered more than in commercial. Another thing that will determine water usage is the type of jets you use, fan spays will use less water than pencil jets as they make better use of the watter spraying water under more pressure to the very edges of the glass. Last but not least is the way you turn the water on and off while working. If you have to keep stopping what your doing to turn the water off between windows you will tend to keep the water running between windows, this tends to waste a lot of water in the day. I developed a system of stopping the water easily at the brush to save such water, it can be seen at

Its only when you get into the swing of things and find out what settings are best for you, will you find out how much water you personally will need.

Peter Fogwill


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