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Water fed Pole window cleaning systems 

Water fed pole Water Purification

The most important part of water fed pole window cleaning system is the water. Most waterfed pole supply companies make a song and dance about their water purification system, stating they are pure water specialist etc, claiming that their water treatment is the best because they know more about water purification than any one else. Fact is they are all the same as long as it finishes off being passed through a D.I. tank (Deionizing).

What they are actually doing in some cases is selling you water fed pole equipment you don't even need. Take Scotland for example, we have very soft water here and Edinburgh is full of window cleaners who have purchased systems containing Reverse Osmosis units which they don't even need. They were not told they didn't need the more expensive equipment, just sold the whole lot as a very expensive package.

With my water fed pole window cleaning system you can be supplied with a 7L D.I. tank, which in Scotland on average produces 4000L of pure water. If however you live in a hard water area then a Reverse Osmosis unit would be supplied.

Please visit this page for more water treatment information.

Water fed pole Pump box

Now let's take a closer look at the window cleaning trolley and its equipment. It has a pump box, battery pack, and carries 2 water containers

The white pump box on the left hand side of the trolley contains the pump for getting the water to the brush. It is a 100 PSI, the same power as large Van Mount systems.

The pump box has a manual switch fitted, and a valve for regulating water flow. You can also turn the water off and on with the valve fitted to the Autobrush

The pump box valve is exclusive to my system and can be very handy when less water is required i.e inside shop doorways etc. The valve also protects the pump and stops premature pump switch burn out.

The pump also has a fuse and relay fitted as standard to protect the pump.

Water fed pole trolley system


The battery below the pump box is a new and improved battery which will run your system for the whole day

It has it's own charger which will take around 6 hours to fully charge. And will not over charge your battery.

It is robust, waterproof, and it also just lifts off the trolley in seconds.

Water Containers

The containers hold 25L of water each, the trolley holds a maximum of two containers, so you have 50L of water on your trolley, which will give approximately 1 hour of work. The containers also just slots in and out of the trolley. The water fed pole trolley system comes with 4 water containers but more can be added at very little cost.

Our trolley Advantages

The fact that all the parts can be taken off the trolley in seconds has lots of advantages. The pump box can be taken in at night to stop it from freezing in the winter. The trolley can be dismantled and taken up ladders onto roofs for hard to access windows, over fences, into platforms, or courtyards, even carried through buildings if necessary. It is also handy if you want someone to work away, while you use the trolley to pick up full containers from your vehicle

Reach Poles & Cleaning Water fed Brushes

We supply a standard 5 section telescopic window cleaners water fed pole which gives a working height of 34 feet.

The brushes are attached to an angle joint which pops on to the pole in a second. The brushes are fitted with small spray jets for even distribution of water the whole length of the brush. NO NEED TO TAKE THE BRUSH OFF THE GLASS TO RINSE.

The brush is secured to the pole in seconds.

Telescopic Reach water fed pole and autobrush

Where do you put all your water fed pole equipment ?

Look on the far right and see how everything you need fits in your car or van.
This is a family size estate and everything goes in the back section. I can have the trolley all set-up with 8 containers, which is 200L of water.

See how the handle folds up for easy lifting, and storage. Once the handle folds up to the pump box it is secured with a chain, and then acts as a carry handle for lifting in and out of your vehicle.

Far right shows loaded car.

waterfed pole set-up for estate car or van

waterfed Brushes

Now to the pole and brushes we use, and why we use them.

The brushes are strong custom made to produce the right amount of water for speedier waterfed pole cleaning, they are wide enough to cover the glass with minimal movement, and again a fraction of the price of competitors brushes.

The brushes fit on a standard angle joint, which in turn fits on a standard pole. If you have used the big yellow poles you will know that the little plastic angles always break, you won't have that trouble with these. Also the angle joint can be adjusted in seconds for deeper window sills, the brush can also be taken off the top of the pole in seconds for use in your hand ( very handy for low windows )

Our Autobrush is unique, it is the only brush in the world that has a swithc for turning the water on and off.
water fed pole window cleaning autobrush

Waterfed Poles

We use a standard 5 section telescopic window cleaner's pole, why I hear you ask do you not use one of the big bulky yellow things everyone else uses?

  • Firstly the big bulky yellow poles are big and bulky, after an hour with one of them you feel like your arms are dropping off, and that is with a small one. They are designed in such a way that you have to use all the sections all the time, with the one I supply you only use the sections you need for the height you are working. I bet you clean more two storey windows than you do three? then only use three sections of pole instead of five. You can however have a yellow pole at extra cost.
  • The cost has a lot to do with it as well, my water fed poles clean at nearly the same height as the yellow poles and still cost less than half the price, and also spare parts are readily available at a fraction of the cost.
  • Does it clean at the same height? Yes, you can add custom made sections, I personally only work up to 40' that's most 4th storey, if you need more then add more.
  • Is it strong enough? Yes, The extra sections you add are the 5th section which is the strongest section on a telescopic pole.

Still need more information Water fed pole board on our free Forum Please visit our Forum and discuss the use of water fed poles with fellow window cleaners. You can also visit our FAQ page for answers to any window cleaning queries you may have.

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