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Water Fed Pole Trolley Systems, the fist ever, and only

Hotwash waterfed pole trolley system in the world.

Now you can work in freezing conditions.

Hotwash Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning, cleans better with less spotting, work when others can't, work faster, now you don't have to start later when the temprature rises, and days off in icy conditions. Impress your customers with steam rising from your brush.

Hot water cleaning is better than cold, Why not try a hotwash pole cleaning system now?
The best value water fed pole window cleaning equipment on the market.

The first and only Hotwash Waterfed Pole trolley cleaning System, orders taken now (Hard and soft systems, fully self contained. Put a container of cold in the trolley, and clean with hot instantly. Incredible price of only £1195.00 + VAT

Trolley equipment and tools for Professional Window Cleaners.

Pole Window Cleaning (Hard and soft water area)£995.00 + VAT

Water Fed Pole equipment does not get any better than this, the only hotwash cleaning trolley system on the market.

All the parts you see on the trolley slide off in seconds.

No need to be lifting heavy weights around all day as one or two 25L containers can be slotted in when needed. Although most of the time one 25L container is enough, it is very handy to be able to use two when needed.

Other waterfed pole trolley systems have you lifting 60 litres of water at a time.

This pole window cleaning equipment is being used sucsessfuly by window cleaners from around the world. It works well.

Trolley System

The water fed pole equipment you get....

  • Trolley
  • Pump (100psi)
  • Autobrush - Patent Applied For (saves water)
  • Battery Pack lasts all day and takes around 6 hours to charge.
  • Pole cleans windows up-to 30 feet (other sections can be added) Fully telescopic
  • D.I unit or 4 stage 200gpd Reverse Osmosis system (for water purification)
  • Meter, water quality (hand held for DI, in line for RO) Test water
  • All fittings, and AutoBrush.
  • Water Containers 4
  • Hose reel, fits on trolley
  • HotWash Optional £200 extra

Everything you need for water fed pole window cleaning £995 + VAT (soft or hard water system)

Hot or cold

4 Stage Filtration System

The hard water area water fed pole trolley system includes the 4 stage filtration shown below,

It produces 200gpd (757L) of pure water per day.

This RO filtration system comes ready to connect to your tap. It has a pressure gauge and dual TDS meter already fitted. The system is being monitored all the way through.

It runs off mains water pressure so no need for an electrical supply.

4 Stage water filtration for hard water areas.

 waterfed pole Reverse Osmosis system

For a limited time only you can upgrade to the 300gpd RO system for only £60.00 + VAT extra.

 water fed pole
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Wash and Reach Vanmount .This Trolley water fed pole system cost thousands of pounds less than the competitors Van Mount systems. Click here to find unbelievable prices on our Van mount window cleaning systems.

Distributors wanted in the USA, and Europe,
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USA price for window cleaning trolley system including shipping $------

Please visit our window cleaning Blogg and discuss the use of water fed poles with fellow window cleaners. You can also visit our waterfed pole FAQ page for answers to any queries you may have. Broxburn Cleaning Products

By buying you waterfed pole system from us you will be assuring yourself you will be getting the very latest in window cleaning technology. Take the new Autobrush for example, these brushes invented by us are exclusive to the Auatec systems. You may not appreciate the value of the Autobrush if you are not yet already a water fed pole user, but with a licence from Aquatec in the near future all window cleaning brushes will come fitted with the Autobrush mechanism as standard. Behind the scene we are already working on the very latest technology and Aquatec customers will be the first to find out about it, and have the option of adding this technology to their waterfed pole system at discounted prices.

Not to be confused with the USA L5 water heater wich has no CE certification for use in the UK.

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