Reach Clean And Wash with the Aquatec water fed pole system
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Wash and reach van systems

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Waterfed pole Van Systems

Reach And Clean Window Cleaning Systems

Van Mounted Wash and Reach System Prices. For a limited time only all van systems come with 25 foot carbon fibre pole as standard.

All van system prices include pole to reach and clean windows up to the height of 40 foot, a 300GPD water treatment system, and free delivery or fitting.

Reach and Clean up-to 40 feet, van system option No 1

Self fit 400L hard water area water fed pole wash system £1495 + VAT

  • Tank 400L baffled.
  • Tank comes with a metal frame for securing to the van floor. (This is very important for your safety)
  • 4 Stage water treatment system (300gpd Reverse Osmosis system).
  • Inline TDS meter (measures water quality after reverse osmosis, and after DI).
  • Pole with 40 foot reach, (4 storey) (glass fibre).
  • Pump Box (includes 100psi pump, pressure valve).
  • Battery (will run your system independent all day).
  • Split charge relay, charges battery while on the move.
  • Metal hose reel with 100M of micro-bore hose. (Bolt down for added safety).
  • Autobrush & all fittings. (Saves water, only pump water when the brush is on the glass)

Wash and reach windows with this window cleaning van system

Also comes in lay flat 400L water tank.

The wash and reach system in the above picture is easily bolted to your van floor with framework provided.

Postage & packaging for this system is FREE for a limited time only. This high reach system is our most popular seller.


Van system to reach up-to 40 feet, Option No 2

Self fit 400L soft water area wash system £1395 + VAT

  • Water Tank 400L, and securing frames
  • DI water purification.
  • Hand held TDS meter (measures water quality)
  • Poles (40 foot reach)
  • Pump Box (includes 100psi pump, pressure valve)
  • Battery (will run your system independent all day)
  • Battery split charge relay, will charge your battery on the move.
  • Metal hose reel with 100M of microbore hose
  • Auto Brush, and all fittings.
  • Be wary of companies selling self fit system without a means of securing the tank to the van floor. The safety of our customers is of the most importance, we only sell systems with a means of securing to the floor and around the chassis of the vehicle. Please see picture above with a typicle mounting plate fitted across the chassis.
400L tank to reach and then wash high windows

Postage & packaging for this system is FREE for a limited time only


Van system to reach and clean up-to 40 feet, Option No 3

(Hard water area) £1395.00 + VAT

Small Escort size vans same spec as No 1 above except 250L water tank instead of 400L water tank.

Window Cleaning 250L van system

Postage & packaging or fitting for this water fed pole system is FREE for a limited time only

250L Van Options

If you need water on demand in a hard water area then add £400.00 to the hard water water fed pole system of your choice.

Window Cleaning System fitting in our workshop £150, Free for a limited period, please enquire.
Fibre Glass Van floor protection kit from £100.00

Have you seen the Trolley system? Ideal if you need a high reach Water Fed Pole system but don't have a van.Water fed pole trolley system

The Water Fed Pole system will reach anywhere a Van mount will and more.

Why not order a Trolley along with your Van System
The trolley is ideal for reaching and washing places you can't get too with the van system, such as internal courtyards.

All you need is the basic trolley, battery pack, and water containers, all the other parts you already have with the van system, and can be changed over to use on the trolley in seconds.

Trolley, battery pack and 4 water containers £150.00 + VAT

Find out more about our van mounted trolley wash benefits.

Reach system being professionally fitted in our workshop in Broxburn

Here you can see a water fed pole system being professionally fitted at our workshop.

These water fed pole window cleaning systems are easily fitted, probably on par with fitting a towbar and should require about the same time and expertise.

Get more information and process for our reach and clean system fitting .

You could have a full window cleaning wash system fitted in a couple of days of placing the order.

System being fitted

Fibreglass Van floor protection, Waterproof van lining

If you have a new, or reasonably new van you may want to consider fibreglass waterproof protective flooring.

The van lining protects against premature rusting caused by water.

I can send out DIY flooring kits along with your water fed pole system.

Or telephone for quote to have it done in our workshop.

Follow the link to get more information and prices of our fibreglass protective flooring kits .

Waterproof van protection

Don't want a trolley, not got a van?

Why not have a small wash and reach fitted in your car?

These window cleaning high reach systems are custom made to be very easy to self-fit in your van,
bolts through the van floor being all that is needed.

If you don't know the quality of your water, I offer a free water test,

just send me a small pop bottle full of water, and I will test it for you.

Discuss the use of Water Fed Poles in our Window Cleaning Blogg. You can also visit our FAQ page for answers to any queries you may have.

High reach window wash FAQ page for answers to any queries you may have.

Traditional window wash FAQ page for answers to any queries you may have.

The window cleaning forum is a must for experienced window cleaners, and those wishing to be.

Most major water fed pole manufacturers and suppliers, along with suppliers of traditional window cleaning equipment and software are active members of this forum. Learn how to wash and reach the windows from the experts.

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