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Micro Trolley System designed to replace the backpack

Frustrated at the cost of a normal trolley system or van system? Frustrated at the sack trucks you buy to put your backpack on only lasts a couple of months?

Frustrated at having a few employees and not being able to have them all working
the water fed pole system due to cost?.

Introducing the new Micro Trolley the first ever trolley developed to replace the backpack.
Features include pole carrier, DI carrier and Hose wrap.
Now you can afford for all your employees to have one.

Trolley equipment and tools for Professional Window Cleaners.

Micro Trolley From £250.00 + VAT

Water Fed Pole equipment does not get any better than this, the Micro Trolley overcomes previous problems associated with trolley systems.

All the parts you see on the trolley slide off in seconds. Even the handle is detachable.

Now there really is no need to be lifting heavy weights around all day, as one 25L containers can be slotted in when needed. And refilled by your on board DI tank.

Other waterfed pole trolley systems have you lifting 60 litres of water at a time. Other trolleys have not been designed with lifting in mind or pulling with one hand like we regularly do.

Large wheels for very easy manoeuvrability through loose chippings or up and down kerbs or stairs.

Detachable handle designed to pull or push the trolley with one hand to leave the other hand free for other use.

Centre of gravity very low, coupled with the large wheels means it is very easy to manoeuvre even in the tightest of places, and assures its very stable standing on its own while in use.

The Micro Trolley is not to be confused with an occasional use sack truck, this is made to last and we are so confident of its strength we have put a lifetime guarantee on the trolley frame.

Trolley System

The water fed pole equipment you get....

  • Trolley
  • Water Container
  • AquaTap - Patent Applied For (saves water)
  • Pump Box with the below fitted
  • Pump (70psi)
  • Flow controller
  • Battery lasts all day and takes around 6 hours to charge.
  • Battery Charger
  • Pole carrier (optional extra)
  • DI carrier (optional extra)
  • Remote controll (optional extra)

Full Systems with pole, water treatment, brush, and tubing available from £500 + VAT (soft or hard water system)

DI carrier

Ideal to fill the container in a soft water area from the customers tap while you work.

This carrier can be taken off in seconds if not needed.

Most of the time you will just be replacing an empty container for a full one but in a soft water area consider this. You are working in a housing estate cleaning houses very close to each other. Now most people have garden taps. You have just cleaned a couple of houses and your container is nearly empty and as you go round the back of the house where there is a tap, you hook the DI up to the tap and carry on cleaning the back windows of the house. By the time you finish the back windows your container is full again and you are ready for another two or three houses. Sometimes it may not be worthwhile, but sometimes it will be very worthwhile.

Technically speaking someone who cant manage to lift full containers easily will never have to lift one again..

Ideal for soft water areas.

micro trolley DI carrier

For a limited time only this carrier and the pole carrier will be supplied FOC with all trolley sales.

Pole carrier

Ideal for storing your pole while walking with the trolley.

This carrier can be taken off in seconds if not needed.

Also doubles as a handy place to wrap your hose round or hang your hose.

Sometimes it's handy to rest your pole on your shoulder while you walk from window to window or house to house, but sometimes it's really handy to just have your pole in a pole holder leaving one hand completely free while you pull or push your trolley around. .

Ideal for any size pole.

 Micro trolley pole carrier

For a limited time only this carrier and the DI carrier will be supplied FOC with all trolley sales.

Securing Bracket

Ideal for securing your trolley or trolley's in the back of the van.

Bolts to the van floor..

Push the trolley over the receiving piece and insert the pin giving it a turn, and your trolley is secured .

We worry about securing tanks and other items in the back of the van and forget about our trolley. A trolley hurtling forward in a collision can do quite a bit of damage. .

Ideal for Securing your trolley.

 Micro trolley securing bracket

For a limited time only this securing bracket, pole carrier and the DI carrier will be supplied FOC with all trolley sales.

 water fed pole
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Wash and Reach Vanmount .This Trolley water fed pole system cost thousands of pounds less than the competitors Van Mount systems. Click here to find unbelievable prices on our Van mount window cleaning systems.

Distributors wanted in the USA, and Europe,
contact me for more information. Email:

USA price for window cleaning trolley system including shipping $------

Please visit our window cleaning Blogg and discuss the use of water fed poles with fellow window cleaners. You can also visit our waterfed pole FAQ page for answers to any queries you may have. Broxburn Cleaning Products

By buying you waterfed pole system from us you will be assuring yourself you will be getting the very latest in window cleaning technology. Take the new AquaTap for example, these products invented by us are exclusive to the Auatec systems. You may not appreciate the value of the AquaTap if you are not yet already a water fed pole user, but with a licence from Aquatec in the near future all window cleaning brushes will come fitted with the AquaTap as standard. Behind the scene we are already working on the very latest technology and Aquatec customers will be the first to find out about it, and have the option of adding this technology to their waterfed pole system at discounted prices.

Not to be confused with sack truck type trolleys, this is a fully functional trolley designed for the water fed pole window cleaner.

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