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Water Fed Pole AquTap, only pump water
when the brush is in contact with the glass.

AquTap, Practical demonstrations of our new water fed pole AquaTap.

AquaTap in on position water fed pole AquaTap.

AquaTap in off position window cleaning AquaTap.

water fed pole AquaTap AquaTap - How much is it costing you per day not to have one? How many times in the year could you have done another couple of window cleaning jobs in the day, if you had never run out of water? Water fed pole Window cleaning with the AquaTap you are guaranteed to save at least 10% water over the day. An average window cleaner with a 400L tank, and working 240 days per year, and earning £20 per hour will be loosing approx £3840.00 per year, now seriously can you afford NOT to buy one? The brush will cost you £30 and will last you at least a year, so it will be a total saving of £3771.00 per year.

The above figures are very conservative, at 10% water saving and £20 per hour.

Now some of you may be saying but I use a trigger? Even if you do there is still time wasted changing the trigger from one pole to another, or changing the trigger from one section of pole to another when adding and taking away sections. Not to mention the time spent on wrestling with the loose hose flapping around at the front of the pole, while your using the pole closed.

With the AquaTap you are only pumping water when the brush is on the glass. You are not rushing around, tripping over stuff, while your precious water is spraying all over the walls. When your brush is off your pump stops, and you have all the time you need to adjust your pole, move obstacles, or talk to customers, without worrying about wasting you precious water.

Even a normal control valve with all its disadvantages will cost you £15 and wont last as long because its being dragged along the ground or continuously dropped.

Why not treat yourself today, click on the buy it now button below.

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Introducing the new AquaTap As you will no doubt be aware with the increasing use of water fed poles in the window cleaning industry, we will undoubtedly have an environmental effect on our water supply. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water will be wasted each day when the window cleaner is moving from window to window, and more so when the pole is being lowered or heightened.. The AquaTap will save all this wasted water, as it only lets the water pass through the brush when the brush is in contact with the window. No window cleaning, no spraying water. Battery power will also be saved with the AquaTap, as in most cases the pump will be idle when the brush is not cleaning the window.

The AquaTap not only controls ON and OFF it also reduces or increases flow. Yes just like the tap in your home. If you need any more ASquaTap information please let me know,

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